Saturday, February 17, 2007

[This is a Sponsored Post] - Pay Per Post is a great service. It pays everyday bloggers like you and me cash (via Paypal) to pitch various products and services through sponsored content. Personally i have made over $200 in just over a month from the site, which is around £120. Not alot you might think, but you can do it in your spare time and takes minutes to do. Start to earn money from your blog, as long as your site has been around for over 3 months and has over 20 posts (with no more than 30 days between them). You get paid once the post has been live for 30 days. A friend of mine actually met the founders of PPP recently at London SES, and said they were nice guys; they had flown all the way from the states to talk about the PPP service. Apparently over 1500 UK bloggers are signed up; and some bloggers around the world have made thousands.

I've found the service very easy to deal with; and I don't feel that the posts draw from my blogs main issues, and means that my blogs are starting to pay for themselves; and are adding to my beer fund.

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