Saturday, January 27, 2007

[This is a Sponsored Post] Dubai! Quite simply Dubai is a beautiful looking city, and somewhere that I definately hope to go to in the future (along with New York and Australia). Dubai is one of 7 emirates to make up the United Arab Emirates. This website features property in dubai sports city. I'm saving up!
Number 65 THE PRIZE POST - Some lovely salt and pepper shakers are still up for grabs for solving this beauty! So get your thinking caps on!
[This is a Sponsored Post] - Back onto the subject of loans; if you need an influx of money for any reason; buying a new car, home improvements then a loan can help. - thats right; a UK company - can compare personal loans for people in the UK. This goes back to what I was saying about comparison sites being the way forward, why go from site to site putting in your details over and over again? If you need a secured loan or want to see what you are able to borrow, then try this site -
[Revisited] - The weather is still cold out. but nice and bright; I don't know whether to wear a scarf or sunglasses. Probably both!
[This is a Sponsored Post] Is any deed truely selfless? Why not do some fund raising at your work place, or with friends? For fundraising ideas visit (obvious really), they have tips and secrets with regards to raising cash for any reason. You can also buy in items to sell to raise money, such as lolly pops.

Friday, January 26, 2007

100th POST SPECIAL! It has just come to my attention that this is the 100th post on the site - I know there have been some sponsored ones and cheeky re-posts, but still this is a milestone for me! Plus the site has just achieved a pagerank of 4!! I'm over the moon! To celebrate, the first person to get the clue below, and email me how they arrived at their answer will win a lovely Guiness Salt & Pepper shaker set! Imagine these gracing your desk area, looking at you in respect of your triumph; then when you need some pepper on you lunch, you'll be the envy of your workmates! - Good luck guys, and thanks for your support!
Number 65 - I hope you all think this is tough. So IF you get it, please tell me how you arrived at it. Anyways... its the weekend soon! Chin Up!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

[This is a Sponsored Post] - Sand dollars, seashells and starfish for crafts and weddings. Sand Dollars features information on sea shells and staffish for crafts and occasions such as weddings. I find some shells absolutely beautiful and amazing to look at. This site has a blog about all of the different types. Take a look at the Pearl Nautilus Seashell ; "The pearl nautilus outgrows its chamber and builds another a little larger and directly on top of its existing chamber and moves in to new chamber when built." Its a shell of a site (sorry) and well worth a look!
[Revisited] Just a quick note to say that I went to see 'The Pursuit of Happyness' at the weekend, it was ok; a bit dragged-out with some depressing moments, but ultimately satisfying. Rocky Balboa was better!
[This is a Sponsored Post] - I love movies. I'ma big fan of all things horror, and action. Bascially VideoDetective is offering a competition to win 3 great horror films: THE GATHERING (horror/thriller) starring Christina Ricci. PREY (gore-fest)starring Bridget Moynahan. UNKNOWN (psychological thriller) starring Jim Caviezel and Greg Kinnear. So click to Enter to win PREY, THE GATHERING and UNKNOWN from VideoDetective .
[Revisited] Sorry about the lack of posts today, I've been off doing general life admin; haircut, shopping and cooking - stuff I hate doing at the weekend!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

[This is a Sponsored Post] I do get to choose what I write about, and I had to bring your attention to this... Millionaire Dating. This appears to be a Yahoo! site for dating, but you have to admire their strategy. If you could sign-up and meet the person of your dreams, that would be great; and if that person had shedloads of money, then awesome!
Number 64 - Congrats to my boss who earlier today has seen the birth of his first child! It couldn't happen to a more genuine and deserving chap. The nipper probably came out, felt how cold it was and went back in!
[This is a Sponsored Post] Like I said, I have my annual appraisal recently, and it went very well. It is nice to have lots of good things said about you, and it was cool that my boss recognised lots of small things I do; like sometimes making the tea. offer a range of employee review software packages to help give a performance appraisal. I'm sure it wasn't easy for my boss to put all of my appraisal together, maybe this software could have helped.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Number 63 - I'm thinking about having a prize for getting a particularly hard one soon. Nothing massive, just a token to show excellence in the field of guessing tube stations from little images... i'll keep you posted (ha ha!)
[This is a Sponsored Post] - Now on to Cheap Car Insurance UK. As before, I agree that comparison sites are the way forward, get cheap quotes from a selection of insurers in less than 2 minutes. Most individual insurers have a large a panel of schemes, but only a comparison web site can give you the choice from several insurers at once. QuoteZone have over 30 insurers to search through for you online, and you can save not only time, but money also. This is a UK company, so don't be afraid to visit them, and they feature such insurers as Women on Wheels, Swinton, NIG and HSBC.
[Revisited] Every time I look at this image, I wonder how they drew the picture in the corner so quickly. It'd be funnier if he was burping instead of ..............
[This is a Sponsored Post] Going back to an insurance post - an area I have a great deal of experience in. Comparison web sites are a great way to get the best price with minimal leg work. Most home insurance companies have their own panel which is made up from different insurers and underwriters. QuoteZone has a panel made up from UK insurance companies, giving a vast selection with a cheap quote available in around 2 minutes online. Think of them as being on top of the home insurance pyramid as they search from companies such as Churchill, Budget, AXA and Lloyds TSB.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Number 62 - I know at the time of posting this that number 61 is still to be guessed; but I hate leaving a sponsored post on top of my blog! This is one of the first images that I made, but forgot to upload it! It's not quite perfect, but should be obvious!
[This is a Sponsored Post] I hate to admit it, but I have been completely reeled in by Ugly Betty. The Stateside producers tend to do comedy / drama very well, such as Desperate Housewives, and Nip/Tuck. Anyway, features all of the Soap Opera News that you need. Ok, it might all be US shows, but there are updates on Ugly Betty. All this site needs is a section for Hollyoaks, and it just might make it into my favourites folder. I've just seen the Days of Our Lives section on the site; wasn't that just a joke from Friends, or just a very clever piece of crossover TV?
Number 61 - Here is another quick one to keep you all on your toes whilst 56 continues to prove difficult! I remember the days when i'd post at 9am, and by 9.15am, it'd be done and dusted with a top effort from the regular suspects!
[This is a Sponsored Post] - Back to mobile phones... This web site offers free cell phones to people. I'm still thinking about my upgrade. I want a good camera on it, but also it has to be a decent phone. I've seen a 10 megapixel camera on a new Samsung - TEN MEGAPIXELS!? I'd like to be able to upload photos to a blog from it, which I hear is available in the States. Anyway, this site offers free shipping and boasts the largest selection you can find. Browse deals for the best one for you. Isn't the internet great? you bet.
[Revisited] Another classic that took a while to solve. I hope y'all had a good weekend. Rocky Balboa this week - shud be gud!