Saturday, February 03, 2007

[This is a Sponsored Post] I've been asked to review Lee Dodd Dot Com. Firstly the site utilises my favourite colours, orange and black. Lee discusses 'Business Bushido' which includes alot of internet marketing related topics such as SEO, Industry News and Monetization. The site also dips into his private life with aspects such as previous cars.

The site has actually already helped me as I was searching for a keyword tool today for a Pay Per Click campaign. Lee has some good tips and links, i'm suprised the site doesn't have a pagerank, as it hosts alot of quality stuff!
[Revisited] I had some great news at work today. Basically a promotion, which I really wanted but didn't imagine winning. It'll be a lot of hard work, but i'll still be here for you guys - my Name That Tube family!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

[This is a Sponsored Post] Back to coupons, which in my opinion are great. Do you ever buy anything online, and see the coupon box, and think 'I wish I had a coupon code!' Much Google searching ends up fruitless. Coupon Chief is a coupon website offering things like Weight Watchers coupons and Dell deals.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Number 66 - A very quick post, but no less difficult. Put your thinking caps on for this one, i'm confident that it will last long into Thursday. I hope you all had a good Wednesday night!
[This is a Sponsored Post] - Finally a new and unique website that is new and unique. e-pokerchips can put any image on to clay poker chips! I think i'd get a picture of some chips put on some chips, and different flavours could be different amounts. Or maybe some demonic looking cats.
[Revisited] - Again Well Done to Geoff. I have to take time to praise Scrubs. What a great show, well written and acted. May it never end. I'm going to look for a new prize for another tough post.
[This is a Sponsored Post] - Shocking as it may be but debt is creeping across America. I can be tough find the right deal to help you out of a sticky mess. Payday Cash Advance Loans can help with debts from credit cards or tax. Check to see if you can qualify for a Payday Cash Advance.
We have a winner! Number 65 was Seven Sisters - Geoff steamed in there after realising that the displayed cities are twin-towns of Chicago. In the US they call twin-towns 'sister-cities'. Well done Geoff! I hope we have all learnt something today. May Geoff never be short of Salt and Pepper again*

*Salt and Pepper not included.
[This is a Sponsored Post] What would you expect from a website called Great Priced Furniture, thats what! Take a look at the beds on the site, I'm definately a bed person, although I don't feel like I'm seeing mine enough! Take a look at the time of this post. I'm pooped! But going back to my original point... Check out this furniture store.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Number 65 - Come on guys, I want to give away these Salt & Pepper Shakers, and I know you are good enough to get this one! Aren't Mondays shockingly bad? Sometimes my Mondays are so bad, they spill over to Tuesdays as well! (Monday 2: The Return)
[This is a Sponsored Post] - What would you podcast about if you could? I wouldn't know the first thing about podcasting, which makes me an ideal candidate to tell you about They offer Free Podcast hosting for people that do know how to do it. Not me. Although they'd probably show me how.
[Revisited] Another lazy post from the early days. Just watching Scary Movie on ITV2 -they don't make good spoofs anymore, like Airplane, or Naked Gun (The original Police Squad series is definitive) Anyone recommend any good comedy films?
[This is a Sponsored Post] It is very rare that Wikipedia is not on my laptop. This is a similar site. Encyclocentral has articles on everything from Boat Rental Charter to 123 Dvd Copying. One site that I love on here is MoonPig, the UK based site that sends out personalised cards for all occasions. I sent my parents a last-minute aniversary card from here - top notch!
Number 65 - Ok guys, this is the prize post, with some delightful Guiness Salt & Pepper shakers on offer! If you make a guess, please explain the reason behind it, so no-one just takes a stab in the dark! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Didn't it just fly past?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

[This is a Sponsored Post] I recently had to buy some binoculars for a mate at work, and ended getting some pretty normal ones from a local retailer. If i'd known about, i'd have got some barska digital binoculars with built in digital camera! That is such a great idea, and some can even record video! The ones that I bought were for watching horseracing. Imagine being able to get that photo-finish yourself, or even better; get your own video replay? The site also features telescopes and night vision equipment, so basically anything optical. A must for any optical enthusiast.
[Revisted] Another great archive entry. The first post that really had people scratching their heads. The Prize Post looks to roll over into next week, i hope someone can crack it so i can get these shakers in the post.