Thursday, February 22, 2007

Number 71 - This is another post where you have to guess which station is in the photo. Why is Hollyoaks so depressing? Can't anyone be happy? Judging by todays episode on E4 (tomorrow's channel 4 episode) says 'no'.
[This is a Sponsored Post] All things that should have wires that technology has bred without; facinate me. I've seen mobile phones with wifi earphones so that you can listen to mp3s without wires everywhere. Secure networking wirelessly is breath-taking. The places you can be whilst securely surfing the net; the garden, the pub, the tube; the posibilities are endless. I have a wireless internet connection at my flat, and I can't imagine ever going back to stoneage wires ever again. Cisco can help out with all of these things and much more. We have wireless games consoles; what is the next wireless barrier?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Number 70 - Its a brand new post! Once again this is a new slant on the 'Name That Tube' game. This is a pic I took on a recent outing with the station name deleted, but which is it? You can click the pic to make it big. See some of my other phone snaps here.
[This is a Sponsored Post] As far as my finances go; I'm quite lucky. I've got a nice job that I love, and it pays me well for my experience. If I needed a loan, or wanted a credit card (I don't personally believe that you would NEED a credit card), then I would look for all the advice if could get about the best deal. When it comes to rates, interest, payments etc... I know nothing. is able to help with this and more, including bad credit credit cards and debt consolidation. They even offer advice for us folks here in the UK.
[revisited] This is one of my favourites; it took ages to think up, a while to find the image; and a few minutes to 'shop together. Then Jim steams in within a few seconds and gets it first time! Typical! You could humour me Jim! Say Shepherd's Bush or something!
[This this a Sponsored Post] I don't think I could ever wear contact lenses, I have a complete phobia about touching my eyes. If I had to wear glasses, I don't think I could switch to lenses; the whole idea just seems alien. Lots of people use lenses every day; but the entire concept frankly scares me!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Once again number 69 is back to bother you. Its quite easy. I hope in some way that the site breaks up your busy day with a slight bit of relief. Thanks for reading.
[This post Sponsored by Brookstone] What a great new idea; a Wireless Outdoor Speaker! I'm always bothered by earphone and speaker wires getting in the way, and having to move furniture to install them. You can connect this nifty gadget up to your MP3 player or Ipod and take the speaker any where in the house - it's even waterproof, so take it outside if you prefer. I think i would just keep it around the house, I hate having to have to plug my speakers up in the lounge, or move them back to my room - this solves everything! Except world peace.

Is Graham Norton funny anymore? When he was on Channel 4 he seemed alot more funnier, and now he's on the beeb, he's lost it. Reminds me of Eddie Murphy, he'd rip the piss out of Bill Cosby for doing family orientated films, and now Eddie's doing Daddy Daycare Centre. How did I get from Graham to Eddie so easily?
[This is a Sponsored Post] I don't understand too much about mortgages; apart from the fact that I hope to get one, one day. I've seen the One Account adverts that say that they have a revolutionary system that will shrink your mortgage. Basically, this debt of a mortgage is combined with your current account, so that your salary is offset against it reducing it over a period of time. You can also put anything lef tin your account at the end of the month towards your mortgage; shrinking it with no penalty fees. Plus they let you take payments breaks. Sounds good to me.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Number 68 - Here is number 68 again, can anyone guess which station it is.... cos I'm not GOing to start handing out clues willy-nilly. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Did you see the rocket on Top Gear? Awesome.