Tuesday, January 09, 2007

(Revisted) - You might have noticed that my revisited posts are now sponsored, enjoy! If you need help with quickbooks accounting then these guys can help small businesses. They say they are good, and quite frankly, i want to believe them. Why not read how they work . They moot (i love that word) 'inexpensive prices'. I remember BC101 - Business Computer Systems back at Uni, I hated it, maybe I should have got the professionals in! So, to summarise: If you need bookkeeping services from people who have experience by the shedload - give these guys a shout!


Jim said...

I didn't recall this, so purely had to scoot back to your archives to see if I'd missed anything. Number 22 was Ealing Bdy? The smart money for this one is on South Quay on the DLR though! Another night out on the tiles fella??

Mike said...

Ah ha! If i say NUMBER 45, then you can just go and find it, so i PURPOSLY* changed the title. I'm going to have to re-think this 're-visiting', although it is perfect for sponsored posts! (* statement might not be true)