Monday, October 23, 2006

Number 22 - After a long weekend of drinking, headaches and missing a weddings worth of drinking - at a free bar no less... I'm back to my regular week and updates - enjoy!


thepress said...

nice. lets drink. hehehehe.

The Doc said...

Ealing Broadway

Sorry that's all I have, I can't thin of anything witty, it's just far too early. And I am plainly not witty enough.

The Doc said...

Ealing Brodway

Obviously the Eel in the picture was making the motion of "eeling" and from there on in well it just sort of fitted together.

Next please - I have a long day ahead of me

Ham said...

Hmmm - should be Eel-ford, but there's no water and it's not a tube station.

Picad-eely Circus doesn't work either. Need to think about this some more

Mike said...

Hi, sorry about the moderation, I was deleting a couple of comments and flicked it on by accident. Whats all this tea drinking business?

Doc, you sound well busy, I sympathise!

Ham, I like the guesses, they are better than the correct one!