Monday, October 16, 2006

Number 17 - Yes I know, I'm using the same picture (expect the ham image again soon). Plus i'll be doing some uber-hard ones... so stay tuned!


The Doc said...

I was nearly fooled. Looking at all the greens, and then the cottages. Frankly driving me mad and bringing me close to tears. Then I took a second look (well hundred and second look probably) and I thought "lime". And bish bash bosh Limehouse was born.

Which may or may not be the answer, but by god if it isn't then I don't know if I can go on

Mike said...

It's Ok Doc, you can go on with life knowing that at least you have got this one right. Now answer this; Brothers and sisters have I none, ... but this man's father's is my father's son.

Coming soon... a general quiz blog!

Kitten Heels said...

Ok an old post but the answer is the bloke is looking in a mirror ;-)