Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Number 89 - Already we are nearly mid-way through December. I haven't even started my xmas shopping yet, that is saved for next Friday - cutting it close, I know, but I'm just not ready yet! I have friends that did it all in October!


Jim said...

Wild punt time...


It's hanging off a cliff

Cars drive on lanes.


Mike said...

I like your thinking (as always), but I'll tell you what I told Noel Edmunds... No Deal.

farmer said...

Could it be ...

Totteridge and Whetstone?

Mike said...

sorry - neither of these! keep on guessing!

Jim said...

Another long shot...


Seas have shores.

The car's red.

They're "ditching" the car.

Mike said...

I like the process - but no. If you keep thinking like that, you will definately get it soon!

Anonymous said...

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Paul said...

This works in my mind, but then so does Cold Fusion.......Westbourne Park.

Paul said...

Is Mike alright? Does anyone know?

He's been gone along time.....plus I HAVE to know what this is.

Mike said...

Sorry Guys, I've been really busy - and still am! I'll try and update soon!

It's Hatchend! Hatch(back) End!

Paul said...

He's alive!!!
Thanks Mike

Seagal The Warrior said...

Damn you Mikey .. Im gonna bust you up bad when I get hold of you

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